About Deon

Deon Basson, CEO and President of 2interact is seen as one of the global leaders in communication from a humanistic perspective. Deon guides business leaders on how to build great teams, projects and create amazing sales improvement through effective communication. His motto "The art of communication is the basis for success..." is so applicable in any field of communication and yet we get it so wrong as we all differ. In those differences lies the biggest reason why people's communication is not realising the intention.

Deon’s talks, training and speaking engagements take him around the world. Deon has received numerous awards for his understanding of communication. Deon has a BSc Honours and an MBA and is currently working on his PhD. His PhD focus on the soft skills that differentiate the top achievers.

Deon is a major supporter of the importance of the Human Element in communication. Be that in business, teams, projects, sales, education or negotiation. His experience in strategic customer management and customer relationship management (CRM) are the major contributors to the focus on the Human Element.


The aggregation of marginal gains in Sales

In 1993 24% of sales people made 76% of sales. Today 13% of sales people make 87% of the sales. Shocking stats, but true.

Deon, director of 2interact, has been doing his doctoral studies on what really differentiates the top sales people from the average. What are the marginal gains companies can get that will result in great improvement in sales? Unfortunately in sales there are no silver medals as the winner takes all. The frightening reality is that most deals lost, are lost marginally ... with no medal.

Based on the research and dealing with thousands of sales people, Deon will highlight that knowing your offering and following some process is important, but critical for sales success is how we interact when we are selling.

In this fun-filled, thought provoking talk Deon will show how people differ in communication. Some people like facts, some people like process, some people like emotions, some people like risk and big picture. Making the above real and practical for the person, the offering and your company.

In addition your behaviour might be turning people on or off ... without doing anything wrong. People differ in their behaviour and applying the wrong behaviour might be chasing people away. Sometimes we need to be competing, sometimes avoiding, sometimes accommodating and sometimes collaborating. And for each there are times when you should definitely not be using a specific behaviour.

Deon will show the research that the top sales people apply the factors above .... be it naturally or through training.
The aggregation of marginal gains in companies, teams and projects

The biggest failure reason for agile companies, teams and projects is the inability to communicate. We are not talking here about the process of communication, but communication from a humanistic perspective.

In this talk Deon helps us to understand how different communication preferences interact differently, how subtle changes in how we say things dramatically improves our ability to persuade and hence our ability to communicate, persuade and negotiate. Some areas addressed are :
  • Understanding myself and in that process understanding people
  • Principles of Persuasion by changing our messages
  • Building relationships and trust

Absolutely great for team building and team motivation. Great for team performance. Great for improving results.